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Burn stubborn fat, & build a strong, lean physique in 8 weeks!

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What Makes MBM Fitness Different?

Mastering Mindset

Transforming your body will come easy when you learn the secrets to mastering your mindset! You can’t transform your body without transforming your mind!

Custom Tailored

We are all so different – genetically, in lifestyle and in our goals. My programs are custom tailored to fit YOU, YOUR goals, and YOUR lifestyle.

Results Driven

You can spend hours in the gym – but if you’re not seeing results, you need the right game plan. I promise you will see the results you want within just 2 weeks of training!

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Mini to Mighty


In these “mini” episodes, Kathryn will be sharing “mighty” messages to speed up one’s success.

She will be sharing her stealth tactics and unlocking the secrets of the worlds most renowned influencers and entrepreneurs.



How to embrace being single / a true story

Single girls: Don’t settle for less than amazing and don’t waste your singleness! If you’re single or know someone who is, then you need to listen to this episode to learn the secrets to successful singleness.


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