Learn to Let Go

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In order to grow, you need to learn to let go! Learn to get out of your own way and get out of your comfort zone. Today, Kat helps us understand that our future is beautiful, but we must first let go of the stuff that is not serving us.  Ladies, it’s time to clean out your purse! Make sure you take a screenshot of this episode and tag Kat on Instagram for a shout out!

“Comfort is the enemy. Comfort will impede your growth.”

Kathryn Nash


1:07 – Need to learn to let go

1:51 – Comfort is our enemy

2:25 – Compare your life to your purse. What is in it? What is weighing it down?

4:11 – Opportunities are endless

5:10 – Your future is beautiful


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About Kat


Kathryn Nash is a world-renowned fitness influencer who is motivated by her faith to inspire men and women to transform their bodies, strengthen their minds, and increase their income while living the lives they love.


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