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How to Embrace Being Single / A True Story

Single girls: Don’t settle for less than amazing and don’t waste your singleness! If you’re single or know someone who is, then you need to listen to this episode to learn the secrets to successful singleness. Want to create a better you AND learn the perfect strategy to find the perfect guy? Well, that’s what you’ll learn from today’s episode. You’ll even hear where you can discover the right guy for you! Listen to start making your singleness enjoyable while setting yourself up for an incredible husband.

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“There is no way that I would be where I am right now if I had a boyfriend.”

-Kathryn Nash

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1:00 – If you’re single and questioning where your man is, then here’s why you’re not alone

2:57 – Kathryn’s perfect boyfriend that didn’t work out: Why your perfect wedding may not happen

5:35 – Surprise! Why you NEED singleness

7:22 – Why your future husband won’t be at a bar, but where you CAN find him

10:49 – Chasing guys don’t work, but here’s how to be a magnet for perfect guys

12:20 – How to use confidence and positive body image to meet the right guy for you

15:16 – What NOT to do with your singleness after a break-up

17:07 – Singleness is not a curse. But how do you view it as a blessing?


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