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Have you reached the point that you despise eating out
through fear of gaining more unwanted body fat?

Hi, I am Kathryn Nash.

I’ve been where you’re at right now; you’re trying to figure out how to build lean curves and to shake off this dang body fat!

You’ve probably tried a gazillion fad diets that promised you would FINALLY lose your belly fat, jiggly arms, and love handles.

You’ve probably tried those (awful) infographics on Instagram with 10-minute /day body weight “fat-burning” workouts.

Been there.
Done that.

I’ve even spent 3 years of my life working out 5x per week – 1.5-2 hours per session doing high-intensity endurance circuits and light-weight training.

My results?
Not too impressive.

Now, you finally realize that none of those quick fixes work. But, as a busy women who has a hectic schedule, I feel your pain.

You don’t have time to cook every meal.
And worst of all, you can’t give up the sweets/salty foods you love most.

You need results and you need them now!

Well, I just may have the perfect program for you BUT it’s not a quick fix.

See, quick results ALSO leave you quickly too, so you can often find yourself ending up with a body worse than the one you started with.

My program is a lifestyle change that will help you shed body fat, build badass curves, and maintain your body transformation long term!

I know it can because I (and so many other women) have gotten the exact same results from my program!

As a scoliosis survivor, I’ve certainly had my fair share of ups and downs in the fitness realm, I can say that for sure.

Not Sure If this program is right for you? Watch below to see why you have what it takes to get your very own bombshell body in just 8 weeks!

I know how it feels...

After 6 years of cluelessness, I finally cracked the code & discovered
the secrets!

Now, I spend my time revealing these secrets to women just like you.

I have been featured in major fitness publications/websites….Pop Sugar, Shape and Women’s Health Magazine.

I have helped thousands of women all over the world reshape their body and change their entire outlook on dieting!

And I would really love for you to join this exclusive group!

In other words, I really want you to try the….

Bombshell Body In 8 Weeks Program!

This program is for women who:

If all these things describe you, then I CHALLENGE you to join me & build a bad-ass, athletic, curvy physique in just 8 weeks from now!



As you see my mission is to help as many women as I possibly can and because of this...

I have my upgraded package priced below 50% of its value because I believe TODAY is the day for YOU Invest in Your HEALTH!

Order the 8 Week Bombshell Body Program

Bonus Guides ARE NOT included.


Order the 8 Week Bombshell Body Program

With Result Accelerators

Includes $500+ worth of HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Information that will promise guaranteed success!



Let me show you all the support you will receive...

The 8 Week Bombshell Body Challenge

This is the main PDF you will receive that will contain the ins and outs on flexible dieting, how to calculate your macros, information on progressive overload, sleep, rest, recovery, and MUCH more.

Workouts Week 1 - 4

Phase 1 of my workout program (includes 3 lower body days, 1 chest/shoulders/biceps/ab/calves day, and 1 back, triceps, abs/calves day)

Workouts Week 5 - 8

Phase 2 of my workout program (includes 3 lower body days, 1 chest/shoulders/biceps/ab/calves day, and 1 back, triceps, abs/calves day)

Designated Hashtags for Video Instructions & Coaching

You will receive a hashtag for each exercise that will link you to a video tutorial in my IG account “@themightytribe_”. This will help you perfect your form and perform each exercise with confidence.

Cardio Accelerator Blueprint

You will be given instructions on how much cardio /the types of cardio you should complete based on your activity level and goals. You will also be instructed when to perform cardio in order to maximize fat loss/ muscle gain.

Supplement Manual

This manual includes my TOP supplements that will help you speed muscle growth, fat loss, improve energy, and improve overall health.

Macronutrient / Flexible Dieting Manual & Macro Calculation Guide

You will learn how fat loss & muscle gain occurs. You will also learn how to maximize your fat loss & muscle-gain potential by tracking macronutrients specific to you, your activity level, and goals.

Rest, Recovery, Sleep Manual

Rest, Recovery, and Sleep are just as, if not THE MOST important contributor to your health and changing body composition. You will be provided my top tips on how to maximize rest, recovery, and sleep.

Meal Prepping Manual + "Do's and Dont's" Manual

Includes 15 meal-prepping tips to help you save money & time, and guide you into creating meals you love. You will also be given health "food swaps" so that you can eat the foods you love while reaching your protein and calorie goal with easy.

Information on Progressive Overload & Tracking Workouts

Tracking your workouts & progressively challenging yourself is absolutely crucial if you want to transform your body. This guide will explain in detail how & why you should track your progress & includes an example for better understanding.

Although the challenge only lasts 8 Weeks I want you to be successful in your fitness journey for YEARS to come!

This is a life long journey. For a small upgrade you can INVEST in my HIGHLY recommended ACCELERATOR guides. I have curated these complimentary guides to set you up for SUCCESS! These are a MUST HAVE to MAXIMIZE your success in the program.

Harnessing Your Hormones and Deloading

This guide is designed for women who struggle with making progress in the gym around their period.

Avoiding The Freshmen 15 -College Eating Guide

This guide was designed for students or women who have limited opportunities to cook or are always dining “on-the-go.”

Food Portion Guide Using Only Your Hand! NO Measuring!

This guide will show you how to make accurate estimations on food portions to help eat a balanced diet & maximize your results.

23 of Kat's "Fast Food Faves"

Includes my favorite health fast-food picks for eating “on-the-go.”

Ultimate Dining Out / Restaurant Manual

You will learn how to make the best food choices and learn how to make slight modifications to your order to help you maximize your progress.

Fast Food + Liquid / Drinks Order Manual

Include tips on how to make smart low-cal & high-protein food/drink choices to help you reach your goals.

Quick-Start Guide

A 4 day workout split program designed to help you get a head-start in the 8 week challenge by helping you speed fat-loss & begin building lean muscle.  This will help you get comfortable with key compound movements and help you build strength-training confidence. These exercises are also great to refer to when you’re in a time crunch and need to get an effective, shorter workout in.

Includes my 4 Core Beliefs to help you stay motivated.

My 4 Core Beliefs can be referred to help you stay motivated, maintain a positive mindset, and help you reach your goals.

15 Minute 6-Pack Abs

Includes 3, 15-minute ab circuits you can do at home to get a lean, strong and sexy core!




I want you to succeed! 100s of women know these guides work. PLEASE before you buy another lose weight fast scheme give this an 8 week shot. I know it sounds too good to be true... Many women won't even step foot in the gym. But I want to give you the confidence to know what you need to do when you get there so that all you need to do is put in your maximum effort.

It is a lot of hard work to put these guides together... I have mapped out every workout day, and with the upgraded guides I help you maximize your effort in the gym.

I priced my upgraded package below 50% of its value because I believe TODAY is the day for YOU Invest in Your HEALTH!

Order the 8 Week Bombshell Body Program

Bonus Guides ARE NOT included.


Order the 8 Week Bombshell Body Program

With Result Accelerators

Includes $500+ worth of HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Information that will promise guaranteed success!




My name is Kathryn Nash and I used to be in your shoes.

My road to strong, fit curves was definitely not an easy path, paved in gold!

Nine years ago, I underwent spinal fusion surgery to correct my severe case of scoliosis.

My curvature was so extreme, that drilling two 14-inch titanium rods into my spine was necessary unless I’d wanted to be a hunch-back by the age of 30!

After surgery, I dealt with severe back pain for years.

My day-to-day life was completely miserable. And worst of all, I could no longer pursue my passion for gymnastics.

I spent several years searching for that “one thing” that would fuel my fire again.

Six years ago, I stepped into the gym for the first time. Years of “cluelessness” is probably the best way to describe my beginning stages.

I would spend most of my time yo-yo dieting and keeping up with the latest fad diets. In other words, I practically made every fitness mistake in the book!

After years of not seeing any progress, I decided to pursue my goals the right way and gain my health knowledge from scientific research articles & credible sources.

As my knowledge grew, my passion and enthusiasm for fitness has also grown.

I now live and breathe fitness because it has TRANSFORMED every area of my life for the better!

Now, I can deadlift 3x my bodyweight & perform 14 chin-ups with ease!

Most importantly, I am completely pain-free and the most confident that I’ve ever been!

My #1 priority is to provide you with the right tools and knowledge to work around YOUR lifestyle and goals.

Absolutely ANYTHING is possible & this 8-Week Bad Ass Curves guide will show you how.

I’m beyond excited to show you all what you’re capable of achieving! 🙂


Absolutely! This 8-week program is perfect for beginners who want to learn the ins and outs of weight training and flexible dieting.

Yes. You will learn how to drop calories to lose fat quickly enough to see fast results, but not TOO quickly where it negatively affects your mood or energy, strength, and social life.

Yes. You will learn how to effectively strength train to reshape your entire body. In the meantime, you will learn how to eat in a caloric surplus so that your body will shed fat in the process.

All sales are final. Unfortunately, since these guides are downloadable PDFs, there will be no money-back. However, I highly recommend giving your 100% for a week or two. You will be amazed how quickly results will come.

Yes. However, getting adjusted to the workouts and macro-tracking may take a week to adjust to, but it will be a breeze once you get the hang of it. Getting started with any endeavor is always challenging at first.

Yes! You will learn how to calculate your macronutrients to put you in a slight caloric deficit so that you can lose some fat and even gain a little muscle in the process. rdion Content

Yes! Again, you will learn how to calculate your macros (specific to your body, weight, and activity level) so that you’re in a slight caloric surplus.

Yes. You will need a large variety of dumbbells, benches, barbells (flat, incline, and back-supported benches), a Smith Machine, Squat-Rack, Leg Press Machine, and other basic gym equipment. If you’re unsure if your gym has enough equipment, shoot me an email ( 🙂

Yes! You be receiving a variety of PDFs that you can download. All women are welcome.

3 leg/glute days

2 upper body workouts.

I made this program highly focused on abs as well. 

There will be 5 workouts /week (2 workout splits that last 4 weeks each). 


Each workout should last roughly around 1-1.5 hours depending on each person+ her goals. For instance, if you wish to lose a lot of fat and live a sedentary lifestyle, you will need to incorporate more cardio which may extend your gym time.


Absolutely. I provide tons of meal/ high-protein options for vegans. 

NO. That was my main focus for this program. You will learn how to make dieting sustainable and easy/enjoyable enough to stick to. 

Yes. If you pre-order before October 5th, you will receive 4 pdfs (bonuses), and then receive the main PDF on October 5th. 

As of now, I don’t sell the guides separately. If I do in the future, the prices will be raised.