About Kat

My name is Kathryn Nash and I used to be in your shoes.

Nine years ago, I underwent spinal fusion surgery to correct my severe case of scoliosis. My curvature was so extreme, that drilling two 14-inch titanium rods into my spine was necessary unless I’d wanted to be a hunch-back by the age of 30! After surgery, I dealt with severe back pain for years. 

My day-to-day life was completely miserable. And worst of all, I could no longer pursue my passion for gymnastics. I spent several years searching for that “one thing” that would fuel my fire again.


After years of not seeing any progress, I decided to pursue my goals the right way and gain my health knowledge from scientific research articles & credible sources.

As my knowledge grew, my passion and enthusiasm for fitness has also grown. I now live and breathe fitness because it has

TRANSFORMED every area of my life for the better!

My #1 priority is to provide you with the right tools and knowledge to work around YOUR lifestyle and goals. I’m beyond excited to show you all what you’re capable of achieving!