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Overlooked Secret to Lasting Success/Mindset Hack and to Conquer Every Struggle

Are you discouraged by all the successes of people around you? Do you see people losing weight and getting married but you seem to be stuck in a rut? Today, you’ll learn how to build your life on a foundation that will set you up for beautiful success. You may not be seeing much progress now, but your frustrations are the tools to future happiness. Hear how Kathryn’s initial weight loss journey led to an incredible body that her roommate just couldn’t get. Also, start taking steps towards the perfect husband by doing these 5 things now.

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“You attract who you become, not what you want.”

-Kathryn Nash

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0:43 – If you feel stuck, alone, or left behind, then you need to tell yourself this one thing to pick your head up and start moving forward
3:01 – What happens in your mind when you see someone else living life to the fullest and you’re working hard at what seems like nothing
7:03 – Why you need to experience a storm to realize how much progress you’re making in your business, fitness, and relationships
9:02 – Dieting according to Kathryn: How to know whether you’re making progress in your diet and what to avoid in your strategy
12:00 – Find out what the foundation of a healthy AND rewarding diet is, and you get to eat the foods you enjoy while you do it!
13:28 – Single? Struggling to lose weight? This is the perfect time for you to do these 5 things to start the path towards relationship success and marriage
15:17 – To find the job that you’ll love, you need to embrace the frustrations you’re facing right now for this one reason
17:31 – Make every week count by starting one habit that will set up the foundation for your week.


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