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4 Booty Growth Mistakes

Have you tried everything to grow your butt but are not getting results? Kat Nash talks about the top 4 booty growth mistakes and how you can fix them. Take out your pen and start writing notes because this episode will help you get the glutes you’ve been dreaming about.

Make sure to take a before and after picture of your progress and share it with us!

“If you want to guarantee the results, track your progress.”

-Kathryn Nash

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01:30 – Are your genes preventing you from having those curves?
03:10 – The very first glute growing mistake you probably don’t know you’re doing
07:00 – Should you do endurance or strength training? Which is the best way to go?
08:30 – Booty growing mistake # 1 – Not tracking your progress
09:00 – Tips on measuring your training and physical progress and why should you stay away from the scale
10:30 – Booty growing mistake # 2 (hint: its connection to your protein intake)
15:00 – Booty growing mistake # 3 Skipping your warm-up
19:30 – Booty growing mistake # 4 Not making that mind to muscle connection


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