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Incredible Perspective Shift for LASTING Motivation


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When the fries or ice cream is calling your name, how do you stay disciplined and motivated? It’s not impossible! Listen to this episode to hear the 2 simple ingredients to motivation. It will take time and discipline, but it becomes WAY easier if you apply these 2 basic habits. To get that BOMBSHELL BODY you’ve always wanted, you’ll need to redefine your vision. Join by the beach for some LASTING motivation that will help make “healthy” easier for you.

“Treat each day as if it’s the most important day that is going to take you one step closer to your goal.”

-Kathryn Nash

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1:24 – Fries or salad? Do you feel like it’s impossible to choose healthy? You’re not alone
2:54 – Why you view motivation all wrong and that’s making you miserable
4:23 – 2 attitudes that will destroy your motivation and 1 attitude that will triple your motivation for success
6:43 – The difference between quick fixes and a lifestyle of fitness: You could have the body you’ve always wanted
9:07 – Create motivation for yourself through your camera!
11:33 – How your vision determines your mindset and your mindset determines your motivation
13:29 – What you should do if you have a binge day and how to properly have a cheat day

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