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The Truth About Fat Loss That No One Told You About / How to Remain Disciplined

How do you stick to the plan? How do stay motivated to wake up early and get to the gym? In this episode, Kathryn discusses the daunting subject of discipline and motivation. If you view fitness as suffering, then listen for Kathryn’s secret of transformation: your suffering can turn into a fun obsession. Use this one simple step to start making rapid progress towards the perfect physique so you can make the gym something you enjoy. And if you don’t feel like you’re making any progress or your motivation is lacking, then listen to this episode. You’ll learn the quickest way to boost your motivation through something that requires ZERO effort.

“Suffering is the enemy of discipline.”

-Kathryn Nash

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0:40 – Take the first step to your six-pack: The #1 problem that’s causing you to hate the thing you should love and enjoy
1:57 – Discover how to release the discipline you already have inside of you to achieve all the fitness goals you can imagine
3:45 – The difference between a well-trained mindset and an inexperienced and immature mindset
6:30 – Your thoughts can change the structure and function of your brain! Find out how to remove the enemy of suffering through just your thoughts
8:41 – How to amplify your motivation and achieve the perfect caloric balance for optimal fat loss and muscle gain all in one exercise
10:55 – When does fitness become easy? Kathryn shares when you can go into cruise control for your fitness and how to get there
12:23 – How Kathryn transformed her fitness experience into an obsession that helps her create the body she wants

“We are what we repeatedly do”


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