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3 Mindset Hacks to Unlock Your SELF-CONFIDENCE and to Improve Your BODY IMAGE

Do you find yourself looking in the mirror and hating everything you see? Are you chasing a better body but never achieving it? Do you not believe people when they say you’re beautiful? You’re not alone. Today, we discuss the #1 problem we all face: lack of confidence. Listen to this episode to find out how your lack of confidence affects your mindset, work, fitness, and relationships. Kathryn shares the 3 keys to turning insecurity and self-doubt into influential confidence. Silence your critics and be the beautiful woman you are today!

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“Confidence is subjective. It is a mindset.”

-Kathryn Nash

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0:54 – Kathryn shares why anxiety, insecurity, and self-doubt destroyed her body image confidence
3:07 – WARNING! You have the wrong kind of confidence! Where you can find REAL confidence
8:05 – Storytime with Kathryn: How to find your worst critic and what you can do to quiet her
12:58 – Silence self-doubt with a surprising strategy that will both build your confidence AND impact others
16:07 – Your body image is actually connected to your purpose. Learn how to BELIEVE that you’re beautiful
19:00 – Learn to do this one thing for yourself, and you’ll find others show you more respect or even avoid painful dating relationships
23:13 – You’ll be amazed by the crazy transformation that you’ll experience just by changing your mood
26:24 – You might be missing your true potential. Find out what it is and how actually become your unshakeable self


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