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How to Hit Your First 5 Figure Month with No Money, Connections, or Mentors

There is a simple formula for reaching 5-figure success, and all it requires is you. Today’s episode is for the people who know they are meant for more. If you want to achieve your goals faster and realize all of the possibilities that you are truly capable in your life, then you need to listen to this episode in its entirety today..

Kathryn shares four universal principles for you to begin your journey today, towards more success, fulfillment and happiness. This episode shares some of Kathryn’s own personal journey that you probably have never heard. Listen to this episode if you want to discover, how you can use these same exact principles she used to start getting more out of life and from Mini To Mighty.

“Your why is your fuel.”

-Kathryn Nash

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2:54 – The one thing that is keeping you from success and realizing the endless possibilities that are in your reach

6:59 – Rock bottom: Why Kathryn left her job and quit grad school to pursue her possibilities and create success

10:05 – Are you making the impact you’re meant to make? What you need to ask yourself to realize your duty

15:14 – Don’t just focus on everyone else: What you need to do for yourself to reach your goals

18:40 – How your mind and your thinking actually affects your success, your positivity, and your actions

21:43 – No matter what people say or what people do to you, this is the one thing you need to do to succeed

24:32 – How to completely change your personality to set yourself apart and achieve your goals

28:27 – What you can look forward to if you follow these simple principles to success


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